Anis Rohayani, Jozef Bambang Tri Joga, M Nahar


The study is about the strategies to cut down the imported container’s dwelling time in TPKS.
Imported Container's dwelling time is the total time starting from the container is discharged off
the vessel up to the container reach the getting – out terminal. The impact of high dwelling time
is the increasing of YOR (Yard Occupancy Ratio) and the decreasing of BOR (Berth Occupancy
Ratio). The utilization of the Container Yard will increase, then the utilization of the dock related
to loading and unloading containers will decrease for the next vessel. If the CY is fully stacked
with containers, certainly, there will be no more space for newly-coming containers, then the
congestion will happen. Importers who have the newly-coming containers will get loss, because
they have to pay more for demurrage cost. Besides, they have to stop their production processes
because the goods are still in the Port.
The purposes of the study are explain how to complete the clearance processes, to know the
internal and external factors of TPKS, to find the strategies with SWOT analysis to decrease the
imported container’s dwelling time in TPKS.
The method of collecting data used survey, observation, documentation, literature study and the
questionnaire. The analysis technique used SWOT analysis to know the TPKS condition and to
find the appropriate strategies.
The results shows that the position TPKS in Quadrant I with coordinate 0.69:0.57, meaning that
the suitable strategy used is supporting the aggressive growth policy (Growth Oriented
Strategy). After compile the SWOT Matrix, then the strategies were found: enhance the
performance in each work, maintenance and rejuvenation equipment, provide new ground for
interchange and parking area, availability counter officer in business for 24 hour, the
effectiveness of each duty, optimization of the existing parking area, optimizing the operation of
existing CC, optimization the counter during working hours.
Keywords: Imported container’s dwelling time, SWOT

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