Amanda Putrianto, Jessica Pradana, Amanda Lukmana, Farikah Faradisa


Technological developments have changed human life, including the educational sector. There are so many technology-based learning media that have been found, one of them is podcasts. The presence of podcasts is such an interesting technology to facilitate language learner development.  However, in language learning, having a comprehensive understanding and mastery of vocabulary is needed. In Indonesia, where English is taught as a foreign language, the activity of teaching and learning vocabulary has not become a priority. Due to the importance of vocabulary for language learners, especially English learners, comprehensive learning is needed. This study aims to analyze the impact of English podcasts as a medium for vocabulary learning. This research is implementing quantitative research. Data related to vocabulary learning activity using podcasts as a media were collected by distributing questionnaires to find out the students' responses towards the vocabulary learning activity. The questionnaires consist of 12 statements administered to 30 English language learners in Universitas Tidar. The results show that podcasts effectively covered a wide range of vocabulary topics and provided a good balance between instructional content and entertainment value.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.32497/jolali.v2i2.4638


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