Siti Nur Barokah, Hadiahti Utami, Taviyastuti Taviyastuti, Fatchun Hasyim


Early Childhood Education (PAUD), is a coaching effort aimed at children from birth up to the
age of 6 years is done through the provision of educational stimuli to help growth and physical
and spiritual development so that children have readiness in entering further education. TK
Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal 48 Pedurungan-Semarang is an Islamic Early Childhood educational
institution with emphasis on faith, worship and morals through religious understanding such as:
recitation of prayers, prayer readings, prayer practice, writing and reading qiroaty and others .
Learning process is done in kindergarten Aisyiyah Bustanul Athfal still use manual ways.
Therefore it is necessary to develop the learning process by using the LCD Projector technology
which is equipped with thematic VCD using the appropriate learning model. The purpose of the
implementation of Community Service activities in kindergarten ABA 48 is to open the teacher's
insight to further improve the quality of learning process by using LCD Projector props
equipped with thematic VCD with certain learning model. Implementation of Community Service
activities using training methods, mentoring and simulation. With the training, mentoring and
simulation to partners in this case the kindergarten teachers ABA 48 expected to provide
solutions that suit the needs.

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