Rida Handiana Devi, Senot Sangadji


The strengthening technique to retrofit a reinforced concrete structure is an
effective strategy to enhance the local and global structure capacity. It could be the
structure's strength, stiffness, and failure resistance. The retrofit strategy is selected
in the wrapped column method using FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer). This study
analyzed one column element using the static nonlinear procedure to determine the
member of the structure toward seismic forces. The rectangular column was
analyzed using Adaptive Pushover Analysis. This procedure operates the not
constant lateral load, then attaining more realistic results by displacement-based
inelastic element type. Three models were analyzed using Seismostruct with the
non-retrofit column without FRP and two models with retrofitted FRP by carbon or
CRFP and glass or GFRP. Those two materials have advantages under different
conditions, so that this enhancement can install under different risks and
circumstances. The column capacity increase wrapping CFRP reached more than
10 % compared with the non-retrofit column. Wrapping GFRP represents that
column capacity failure resistance is more significant than CFRP in internal and
aggressive environment types.


Retrofit, non-linier static, Adaptive Pushover, CFRP, GFRP

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