Pembuatan Pupuk Organik Cair Fermentasi Dari Urin Sapi (Ferunsa) Dengan Variasi Penambahan Limbah Darah Sapi Terhadap Kualitas Pupuk Organik Cair

Mawardi, Hery Purnomo (Politeknik Negeri Semarang)


RPH (The cattle slaughter house) produces wastes, such as feses, urine, and blood of cow. The wastes are released to environment, make the evironment contamined. That waste has a potential usage for making liquid manure, after having fermentation process for a specified time. It is a research, studies of  liquid organic manure that made from  fermentation process of urine of cow (ferunsa) with varies addition of blood powder of cow, fucused in it’s quality. The research is conducted in 6 of treatments by adding blood powder of cow (TDS)  as follows : 0 grame, 20 grames, 40 grames, 60 grames, 80 grames and 100 grames, for 14 daies fermentations. The results, that in level of 80 grames addition is the  effective treatment by the contents of C-organic, Nitrogen, Phosfor, and  Kalium respectively are : 6,92%, 3,53%, 4,33%, and 5,02%.

Keywords: liquid organic manure, fermentation, urine of cow, blood powder of cow.

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