Fashion sebagai Komunikasi Identitas Sosial di Kalangan Mahasiswa

Sri Budi Lestari Staf Pengajar Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP Undip


Fashion is an inseparable part of appearance and the styles of everyday life. Objects like a shirt and accessory worn is not only a body covering and trimmings, more than that is also an instrument of communications for conveying personal identity. Fashion not only concerned about fashion and accessories like a kind of jewelry a necklace and bracelet , functional objects but combined with other elements of the unique and sophisticated design the instrument that can show and boost the appearance of the wearer. In a fashion, there are values to be promoted through what is shown or be communicated. Fashion is a form of expression individualistik. Is the way that used of individuals to distinguish himself as an individual and said several unique. This study want described interpretation of the meaning of fashion as the identities of social communication among college students is considering student circles relatively much intersect with fashion.

This research using interpretive paradigm is qualitative and descriptive. As for a discovery that can be explained here includes the following: fashion can identical with body language or also as form of non verbal communication through the appearance of someone. For a woman who always attributed having instinct to appear and want to pay attention, one fashion including efforts to communicate herself. Referring to the appearance of being a fashion show the identity of someone, and not just needs. An examination of necessity, then the orientation more needs to be shown on others. Whereas if appearance communicated regularly and constant, it will be formed identity. Fashion as social identity is very related to social status of someone, when someone turned social status, the change will occur again on his identity. The results of this research also found that fashion for more students seen as a way to communicate their identity as a student. Identity is also followed by adherence to the regulation of the rules of collectively moral as as scientific’s community, which carries about intellectual criteria as the identity of neatness. Demands that must be obeyed, despite no uniformity in the reason for not make one a creation of the race for struggle and related meanings over fashion it was made, even students often also ruled out the fact that various attributes as the trend, a hierarchy and ideology as a consequence of the regulations compliance will that has been set.

Key words: fashion, social identity

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