Kewarganegaraan Ganda di Indonesia dalam Perspektif Negara Hukum

Nur Hidayati Staf Pengajar Jurusan Teknik Mesin, Politeknik Negeri Semarang


Dual citizenship is a status ascribed to a person who is legally legitimate citizens in some countries. Citizenship or nationality is a personal status acquisition and release are governed by national law and international law. National legal order makes this as a condition of citizenship status of certain rights and obligations. Indonesia has a civil law system International Dutch heritage. Indonesia adheres to the principle of personal status concordance listed Algeme Bepalingen Article 16 (AB). Personal status is a state that shows the relationship between the facts regarding the person who is in a case with the applicable legal system. Article 16 was adopted AB nationalist principles topersonal status. Private international law, to obtain citizenship adheres to the principle of ius soli. Espoused the principle of ius soli by a country may result in dual citizenship (bipatride, dual nationaly) of the children born in the country, if the child’s parents country adheres to the principle of ius sanguine.

Keywords: Dual Citizenship, Citizens, status personal, ius soli, ius sanguine

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