Analysis Of Parataxis And Hypotaxis Construction Of The Students’ Written Texts

Farikah English Department, Tidar University Universitas Tidar, Magelang


This study aims at analyzing parataxis and hypotaxis construction of the students’ written texts. Taxis refers to the dependency status of the clause in a clause complex. This discourse analysis will investigate the types of taxis construction and the tendencies of the students in applying taxis construction in their written texts. The unit analysis of this study is clause and clause complex written by the students. The students here refer to the fourth semester students of English Department of Tidar University (Universitas Tidar). Following Gerot and Wignell’s theory (1994), most of the students apply parataxis and hypotaxis construction with expansion as logico semantic realation. Expansion links processes by providing additional information. It involves three types of relationship. They are elaboration, extention and enhancement.

Keywords: Hypotaxis, Logico Semantic Relation, Parataxis, Written Text.

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