An Evaluation of Process-Based Academic Writing Textbook

AB Prabowo KA (IKIP PGRI Semarang) Mursid Saleh, A Sofwan Semarang State University


For the sake of finding the appropriate teaching material on EFL writing, the writer analyzes the process-based academic writing textbook which has been used at the English Education Department of Central Java. In this textbook analysis, the writer used three phases of the in-depth method (Widodo, 2007; McGrath, 2002). The phases are: (1) goal and organization, (2) contents, (3) suitability of the textbook. The chosen book was the book which was used to teach students of three universities at Central Java (IKIP PGRI Semarang, University of Muria Kudus and University of Tidar Magelang). The book analyzed showed the strengths and the weaknesses. Then, the result of this analysis could be applied for the lecturer of the academic writing.

Keywords : evaluation, academic writing, textbook, process-based approach

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