Rubrics on Scoring English Tests for Four Language Skills

Pandiya, A teacher at the Accounting Department, Polines


All language programs in instruction/education institution cover some components like input, process, and output. Input is materials to be  processed, process is teaching and learning program and output is the result of process. One of teaching and learning programs is assessment or evaluation of the program. Assessment is carried out by testing/examining language learners. The test is done by objective test and or subjective test and referring to four language skills, i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Each of them can be done by holistic scoring system or analytic scoring system. The holistic scoring system is done by scoring language skills by single score, without referring to every element of language skills. The analytic scoring system, on the contrary, is scoring every language element of language skills, then totaling all scores to get final score. This is also done from the simplest step to the most complex one and from the micro-skills to the macro-skills. Instructors/teachers then may have one of those alternatives, and or combine of both.

Keywords : assessment, objective test, subjective test, holistic scoring system, and analytic scoring system

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