Discourse Analysis of Speech Ideology of Teachers and Students in English Classroom of Senior High School in Purworejo, Central Java

Sudar Djoko Sutopo, Postgraduate Program State University of Semarang (English Department, Postgraduate Program, Semarang State University)


My study, discourse Analysis, focuses on the use of language in field of education; it is particularly using a language by English teachers and their students in English classroom of senior high school of Purworejo. Exploring how English teachers and their students produced their speech is challenging. Further, in this study I would like to analysis the English teachers and their students’ speech, particularly from the ideological point of view. My study is particularly the language ideology produced by English teachers and their students in their speech in classroom. Furthermore, language ideology is of interest to students of language and to students of social life alike, because beliefs about what language is and how it works can affect language as well as social relation among the speakers. It is specific that in my study the speakers are English teachers and their students. The setting of my study was in state senior high school of Purworejo. The population was eleven state senior high schools. I took two state senior high schools from different level. Depdikbud, classifies four great of senior high school, those are SBI, RSBI, SKM, RSKM. There are two categories of senior high school in Purworejo, they are RSBI and SKM. I took two samples for my research data analysis. The first is RSBI School, I took State Senior High School 1 Purworejo, and I took State Senior High School 6 Purworejo as representatives of SKM school level. Research finding stated that the English teachers and their students  produced different speeches; they have different ideology in producing the speech. English teachers in their class have high ideology. English teachers have their authority to indoctrinate to their students.

Keywords: discourse analysis, teachers and students’ ideology, speech, classroom.

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