Nurul Hamida, Sri Rahayu Zees, Sri Hardiningsih, I Nyoman Romangsi, Suko Raharjo, Toni Hartono, M. Muslikh, Pandiya Pandiya, Tribekti Maryanto Agustinus


SMPT Tahfizul Qur’an Pangeran Diponegoro which is known as SMPTQ Pangeran Diponegorois one of the school with the profile of graduates are havig good communication skills in English and Arabic, or in other words its graduates are able to communicate in bilingual in foreign languages. Therefore, the teachers, eventhough from different education background, are also required to be able to have good communivcation skills in both languages, English and Arabic. Of course, it is not easy for all the teachers, since their education background is not English/ Arabic, and even some of them their labuage skill is not so good. And it can caused difficulties for them in class if they have to speak bilingual, for example it will be difficult for Mathematic teacher or for Rligion teacher if they have to speak English during the lessons.  Therefore, it is necessary for provide the teachers with adequate English proficiency skills which enable them to communicate in English or in bilingual withn the students in the class. The problem with the communication English skills among the SMPTQ PangeranDiponegoro teachers is the issued which are going to be solved in this community service activity. This problem, actually has been understood and realized by them as well as the Headmaster. They are also eager to develop their communication skills either in English or Arabic. This is because related with their vision and mission. The community service activity was done on Tuesday, 29 August 2021 which is located in SMPTQ PangeranDiponegoro. This activity wasconducted from 07.00 until 14.45. The participants of this training are 15 teachers of SMPTQ PangeranDiponegoro. There are 9 training materials given inn this activity. Those 9 materials are handle by 9 different English lecturers, who are becoming the members of this proposed activity. Those 9 training materials are: 1) Present Tense, 2) Present continuous tense, 3) past tense, 4) Future tense, 5) present perfect, 6) Vocabularies, 7) Handling class, 8) Practice speaking, and 9) independence study through on line learning. Based on the result of the evaluation of this activity, it shows that this program is very good and suitable with the needs of the participants, it can been seen from the positifrespons and also the enthusiastic from the participants in joining this activity. And even more, the school are welcome for having cooperation in the future.


Language Skills; Teachers; Bilingual

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