Anwar Sukito Ardjo, Sugeng Irianto, Riles Melvy Wattimena, Timotius Anggit Kristiawan


The purpose of the research this is Pengef Media Learning Press Tool Design guna Supporting Pembelajaran - Learn Merdeka - Campus Independent. The method used in this research is ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation). Media learning Press Tool Design has been successfully developed in the form of videos which is very appropriate to support learning online, in addition to cheap, easily accessible also can meet the needs of the student with the style of learning VÄRK (Visual-Auditory-Read/Write-Kinestetic). Hasilher in the form of: (a) 12 video learning which has been uploaded to youtube, (b) 106 video footage of the process of production, manufacturing, and machining that are not published yet be pustaka learning, (c) 49 VR video 360o describe the atmosphere in a company. The Video is also not published yet be pustaka learning, and (d) upload 5 of the top in the channel youtube of video learning press tool design each has reach the viewer in over 190 with time watch the fifth video of this reach of 11.4 hours. The age of the viewer to 78.5% in the range of 18-24 and 21.5% in a span of 55-64. A 286 viewer using mobile phone, 220 viewer using the kcomputer, and 39 viewer to use the tablet. Advice, need to be developed video learning eyes of the college pemesinan components press tool as a continuation of the research of this


media of learning; press tool design; ADDIE; VÄRK; VR-360o

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