Bambang Sumiyarso, Rizkha Ajeng Rochmatika, Farika Tono Putri, Tahan Prahara


The development of the use of new and renewable energy is increasing year by year, one of which is micro-hydro power plants. However, the high cost of remote monitoring systems is often an obstacle for micro hydro power plants that are not equipped with a remote monitoring system. How ever, officers often take notes manually, periodically using notebook paper notes to record them. The obstacle that is often faced is when the rainy season becomes very inconvenient for officers. The problem to be solved is how to make a monitoring system for current, voltage, and generator rotation that can be monitored remotely at a low cost and efficient. The purpose of this research is to create an IoT-based micro-hydro monitoring system. The data generated in this monitoring system can be used for analysis in order to maximize the power generated by the power plant, a monitoring system for turbine rotation, voltage and power is needed. The data generated by the sensor can be analyzed to determine system improvements such as changes in turbine size, gearbox ratios, and changes in the magnetic field strength of the generator. With IoT Monitoring technology using a proven reliable 4G LTE cellular network, system monitoring can be easily monitored from anywhere via the internet, accessible anywhere using a Smartphone or Computer.


hydropower; generator; IoT; monitoring; 4G LTE

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