Rancang Bangun Prototipe Pompa Centrifugal Rotary Sliding Vane Untuk Materi Praktik Manufaktur

Aryo Satito, Hariyanto Hariyanto, Supandi Supandi


The Applied Undergraduate Program in Production and Maintenance Mechanical Engineering has been operating in the Mechanical Engineering Department since the 2013-2914 academic year has 2 studies concentrations, namely Production Concentration and Maintenance Concentration. As time goes by, the industrial world requires the graduates are able to perform competencies in the fields of production and maintenance. Therefore, students must be equipped with practical materials that cover these two competencies. In this research, a workpiece is designed to carry out several aspects of machining with a high level of accuracy and precision, and also includes aspects of maintenance techniques that are very much needed when testing the performance of the workpiece. The prototype of centrifugal rotary sliding vane pump is choosen as a manufacture practice material at sixth semester will be able to meet the demands of the machining competency aspect because this workpiece is an assembly of several components with a high level of precision. Meanwhile, the aspect of maintenance competence students will be able to perform performance testing after the workpiece has been made and assembled completely. The results of this research is a unit of centrifugal rotary sliding vane pump’s prototype with the ability to move liquids of 290 cc/minute at 440 rpm.


concentration; machining; pump; centrifugal; competence

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