Slamet Widodo, Sri Anggraeni Kadiran, Budi Basuki, Abu Hasan, Ari Sriyanto


This pandemic period has changed everything that previously went offline (off line) demanded to be implemented online (online). Likewise in this study, the mobile network KPI parameter meter system to be created, was designed for use online. Thus, the practice participants or participants of the drive test certification can perform the practice of measuring the parameters of the mobile network KPI anywhere, as long as there is an internet network. Basically the network KPI parameter meter system online, consists of two parts. The first part is a DT program that is planted in the top lap of practice participants as a link between practice and the main program. The measurement design and implementation of parameters is carried out by practice participants, then sent to the main program. This main program is the one that measures KPI parameters in accordance with the design made by practice participants. Measurement steps and measurement data must be stored by participants, so that participants can make reports in accordance with what is done. This online mobile network KPI parameter measurement system will complement the TUK drive test of Semarang state polytechnic. With this system, students can perform paraktek measurement of KPI parameters wherever they are, as long as there is an internet network.


Drive test; KPI measurement; online

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