Analisis Kepuasan Pengguna Aplikasi Polines Pay

Dina Yeni Martia, Nina Woelan Soebroto, Utami Tri Sulistyorini, Mochamad Abdul Kodir


The industrial revolution 4.0 has inevitably changed the pattern of the world's industry, including Indonesia. Information technology is now used as a support and even a major milestone in industrial operations. As one of the leaders of vocational education in Indonesia, the Semarang State Polytechnic does not want to be left behind in the changes to welcome this 4.0 industry. Polines innovates by creating Polines-Pay as an innovation in implementing FinTech in the Polines environment. Polines-Pay is a technology-based electronic payment instrument that is applied at Polines as one of the digital payment innovation products that aims to reduce cash transactions within the Polines environment. This study aims to determine the effect of perceived convenience and benefits of using polines pay on customer satisfaction in the Semarang State Polytechnic. The data used are primary data, which were obtained from a questionnaire survey on Polines Pay users, especially students and lecturers in the Accounting Department using a google form. The data analysis method used is regression analysis, significance test (t test), and F test using SPSS software. The expected result is that the perception of the ease and benefits of using Polines Pay has an effect on customer satisfaction, which is indicated by interest in refilling the user's Policy Pay balance. In addition, it is also hoped that the results of this study will be able to provide input on further policies related to polines pay services.


Polines Pay; Satisfaction Analysis; Fintech

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