Rancang Bangun Alat Penghemat Penggunaan Daya Listrik pada Pemanas Air Minum menggunakan Sensor Gerak Gelombang Mikro

Sihono Sihono, Kusno Utomo, Bangun Khrisna, Tulus Pramuji


Hot water is needed both in the office and at home to make tea, coffee and other hot drinks. Hot drinking water needs are generally provided using water heating equipment which is usually known as a dispenser. The water heater (dispenser ) works automatically turning on the heating element and stops after reaching a predetermined water temperature, for example 100o C and will turn on again when the water temperature drops below a predetermined temperature. The heating element will always be On / Off continuously as long as the power supply to the dispenser is not turned off. In general, the dispenser is left with the power supply on for 24 hours, 7 days a week even though there are no employees at the office. This causes a waste of electrical energy in the dispenser.

        Due to the wastage of electrical energy in the dispenser, in this Research a device was created that can turn on and turn off the power supply on the dispenser automatically as long as there are activities of people in the office or at home. With this device , the use of energy power for the dispenser will be reduced because the dispenser will stop working for about 12 hours (18:00 to 08:00). To detect the activity of people in the room, a microwave motion sensor is used. The use of microwave motion sensors because microwave signals can penetrate thin walls such as gypsum board and the like. To control the heater based on the motion sensor signal, a control system based on the Arduino nano microcontroller is used.

       From the results of research from the use of this electrical energy-saving device, the use of electrical energy in the dispenser can be saved by about 46 % compared to the use of a dispenser without an energy-saving device.


Dispenser; heater elemen; Micro wave; Arduino Nano

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