Ilham Sayekti, Bambang Supriyo, Sulistyo Warjono, Samuel Beta Kuntardjo, Vinda Setya Kartika


The navigation system on the robot is a very important part of the wheeled robot so that the robot can maneuver precisely from one point to another according to the track with minimal errors. To reduce the occurrence of these errors, in this study, a compass sensor is used to bring the robot closer when it moves. This study aims to design an angle detection system on a wheeled robot that uses an electronic compass sensor. This electronic compass sensor needs to be tested for its performance to detect the direction angle to be set from 0º to 360º. The measurement results based on this compass sensor will be compared with the rotation angle detected using the encoder. From the results of this test, it will be known the ability of the sensor to detect the orientation of the wheeled robot while moving


navigation, compass; encoder; angle detection; wheeled robot

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