Lorentius Yosef Sutadi, Sri Harmanto, Aryo Satito, Eko Armanto, Padang Yanuar


A milling machine is a machine tool that is in the process of cutting work by cutting the workpiece using a rotating multi-edged cutting tool. The drawbar is part of the milling machine which is useful for attaching a collet adapter or cutter arbor short to the spindle cone hole of the milling machine. The adapter collet can be attached to the milling machine spindle cone hole due to the bonding between the outer thread at the end of the drawbar and the inner thread in the adapter collet through the drawbar tightening resulting in a tensile force. If the procedure for removing the collet adapter is in a state where the threads are not bonded to each other, then wear often occurs starting from the end of the drawbar thread profile winding to the thread profile winding. If this happens then the drawbar replacement must be done, the drawbar available in the market has a complete design from the head to the end of the thread. The purpose of this research is to design and modify the drawbar design into two parts, where the methods used are design, manufacture, and testing. The results obtained are the drawbar by modifying the length with 2 parts, the drawbar can operate properly and the outer diameter of the thread does not suffer for 8 weeks or the equivalent of 448 hours.


Wear; drawbar; mill; thread

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